Ed Priola is a conservative Republican determined to defend freedom, including the freedom of expression, right to bear arms, freedom to practice religion, freedom to educate our children without Marxist indoctrination, right to exercise free enterprise without crushing regulations and taxes, freedom to earn a good living, and freedom to live in safe communities.


Free market principles are the bedrock of the American economic miracle. The free interaction of consumers and businesses, with a minimal amount government interference, is the most sound and sustainable system of economic opportunity. IT’S ALL ABOUT FREEDOM!


North Carolina’s families deserve the freedom to exit failed government schools. In every zip code and at every economic level, parents must have the freedom to decide how and where to educate their children. IT’S ALL ABOUT FREEDOM!


People are not free when they are afraid. According to a 2020 survey, 50% of North Carolinians say that their top fear is being physically assaulted by a stranger (compared to 40% for respondents across the country). On top, 73% of North Carolinians report high concern about a break-in occurring when they are at home asleep (compared to 58% for respondents nationwide). Law enforcement in Alamance County need our support. IT’S ALL ABOUT FREEDOM!


The average response time for the Alamance County law enforcement is about six minutes. No matter how vigilant, our sheriff deputies and police officers cannot be everywhere at the time they are needed. Fortunately, the Second Amendment is our first-line guarantee of defending our families, our homes, and our country. Safety in Alamance County begins with the vigilant defense of this inalienable right in Raleigh and Washington, DC. IT’S ALL ABOUT FREEDOM!

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