Law Enforcement

People are not free when they are afraid. According to a 2020 survey, 50% of North Carolinians say their top fear is being physically assaulted by a stranger (compared to 40% of respondents across the country). Moreover, 73% of North Carolinians report high concern about a break-in occurring when they are at home asleep (compared to 58% of respondents nationwide).

Law enforcement in Alamance County needs our support. Against a backdrop of skyrocketing crime, it is astonishing that some wish to hamstring the ability of law enforcement to keep our communities safe. They’re agitators who howl to “defund the police” while at the same time seeking to prevent local authorities from working with ICE to remove notorious MS-13 gang members.

How bad is it? In 2020, while the nation’s attention was distracted by nightly orgies of violence by Antifa, two MS-13 gang members were arrested with little fanfare in North Carolina. According to federal prosecutors, they were part of an eight-man murder crew who had been extremely active in New York. Their industrial level of criminal activity included multiple “victims who were hacked with machetes, shot numerous times, and decapitated.” The threat is real, and it is close to home.

We must support the men and women who keep us safe by enforcing law and order in our communities.


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