Term Limits

Term limits are a common-sense check on arrogant, self-entitled career politicians. In poll after poll, term limits are supported by huge majorities. Unsurprisingly, incumbent politicians and special interest groups are the only segments of the population opposed to term limits.

Ed Priola favors requiring that politicians be limited to three consecutive terms in office. Subsequently, they must sit out for at least one term before running for the same office again.

No one is “entitled” to hold elective office. Not an incumbent. Not a former incumbent. No one. Candidates must earn the right to hold office in every election. And politicians must live under the laws they pass for everyone else.

There are many good reasons for limiting the terms of elected officials at all levels. Here are three. First, greater transparency will result when newly elected officeholders expose the backroom deals of their predecessors. Second, term limits ensure greater fiscal responsibility and lower taxes. The longer politicians stay in office, the more opportunities for wasteful spending and self-enrichment occur. Third, term limits open decision-making to new people with fresh ideas for solving problems. They can counterbalance incumbent burnout and a tendency to drift along at taxpayers’ expense.

In short, more frequent turnover will result in higher quality decision-making and more independent judgment. It will also reduce the unfair election advantages of incumbents.

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