Economy and Jobs

Free market principles are the bedrock of the American economy. The free interaction of consumers and businesses, with a minimal amount of government interference, is the most sound and sustainable system of economic opportunity.

Promote Economic Growth

Alamance County needs policies that promote smart economic growth. Our policies should benefit everyone in the economy. They should be designed to attract a variety of investments in industry, services, and family agriculture.

Our policies should not be designed to pick winners and losers, serve special interests, or subsidize favored businesses. Control by government elites hampers economic growth. Moreover, it is the hallmark of failed socialist experiments the world over.

Remove Barriers to Small Businesses

North Carolina takes pride in being “First in Freedom.” We should make it our goal to become the leader in economic freedom too. This means creating an opportunity economy, starting right here in Alamance County. The barriers to small business entrepreneurs should be minimal. Our goal should be to encourage businesses of all sizes and types to create jobs and meaningful work for everyone.

Like the air we breathe, the liberty to pursue our self-determined pathways to economic prosperity is essential.


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