School Choice

North Carolina’s families deserve the freedom to exit failed government schools. In every zip code and at every economic level, parents must have the freedom to decide how and where to educate their children.

Support School Choice

Taxpayer dollars must follow students to the education institutions that their parents select. In addition to public school choices, family options must include:

  • Charter school options;
  • Scholarships to private and faith-based schools;
  • Resources for home schooling; and
  • Vocational and apprenticeship programs.

Oppose Indoctrination

Unquestionably, there are many outstanding educators in North Carolina’s public school system. These first-class professionals should be recognized, promoted, and paid well. Regrettably, there are also many bad actors. Some occupy the top ranks of bloated school administrations and corrupt teachers’ unions. Together, they exert far more energy toward extorting taxpayer dollars and pushing leftist indoctrination programs than they do toward delivering education.

Some of North Carolina’s school administrators and teachers’ unions are the most disgraceful in the nation. Despite clear scientific evidence supporting the ability of schools to open safely, and the misery their closing has caused children, teachers’ unions arrogantly demanded that taxpayers shell out for benefits to illegal immigrants as a condition of reopening. The Durham Association of Educators upped their demands to include universal healthcare and guaranteed income regardless of a person’s immigration status.

Not to be outshone, arrogant Wake County school administrators recently introduced a K-12 program of leftist indoctrination. History lessons now emphasize Marxist-based lessons on how to hate America. Training for teachers includes instruction on how to disregard the complaints of parents.

North Carolina families deserve better education options.


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