School Choice

Alamance County’s families deserve the freedom to exit failed government schools. Moreover, schools should focus on education, not political indoctrination. In every zip code and at every socioeconomic level, parents must have the freedom to decide where and how their children are educated.

Support School Choice

Taxpayer dollars must follow students to the educational institutions that their parents select. In addition to public school choices, family options must include:

  • Charter school options;
  • Scholarships to private and faith-based schools;
  • Resources for homeschooling; and
  • Vocational and apprenticeship programs.

Oppose Indoctrination

Unquestionably, there are many outstanding educators in Alamance County’s public school system. These first-class professionals should be recognized, promoted, and paid well.

Regrettably, there are also some bad actors who exert far more energy toward extorting taxpayer dollars and pushing indoctrination programs than they do toward delivering a world-class education. A case in point is the leftist political indoctrination program at Graham High School. Ed Priola’s role in uncovering it was recently covered by the Alamance News.

Alamance County’s families deserve better education options.


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